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How can you recover for negligent security after your assault?

Violence is a tragic but all-too-common part of life. Sometimes, a mugging or assault will leave someone with minor injuries. Other times, a violent attack can result in death. In either case, where can the victim – or their surviving family – seek compensation for things such as medical costs or funeral expenses? Even if the police find and apprehend the perpetrator of the crime, and they go to jail, you still need an opportunity to seek a recovery. This is why you should consider the possibilities of a negligent security lawsuit.

The duties of the premises owner

Whether you suffered an attack in a store’s parking lot, on a university campus, in an apartment building’s stairwell or some other location, the owner of those premises owed you a legal duty. Any property owner who knows that members of the public will be entering the premises have a duty to those members of the public to keep the premises reasonably safe from foreseeable dangerous conditions.

In other words, whether or not you could be successful in a negligent security lawsuit against the property owner for your attack will depend entirely upon how foreseeable it was that you would suffer an attack there.

Their breach of duty

For example, it is reasonable to expect property owners to install adequate lighting in their parking lots, especially in an area with a history of crime. If attacks have occurred in a certain stairwell, the owner of the building should be on notice that the stairwell is a dangerous location, and install lights – and possibly even cameras – to deter repeats of the criminal activity.

If you bring a negligent security lawsuit against the property owner, your attorney will have the task of proving that the property owner should have been aware of the likelihood of an attack taking place on their property. They will also have to demonstrate that the property owner failed to take reasonable and feasible steps to protect you while on their property, thus breaching their legal duty towards you. Finally, they will have to prove that this breach caused your injuries.

If you or a family member are a victim of a violent assault, you do not have to suffer in silence. You may have the ability to seek compensation for your injuries through a negligent security lawsuit.

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