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The consequences of a traumatic brain injury

A car crash can hurt victims in many different ways. Even those who are lucky enough to be able to walk away from the accident may have suffered a serious injury like a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A blow to the head may only seem like a minor consequence of a car accident, but that minor headache may be a warning of something more serious. More than a million people suffer a TBI each year, and they can experience some pretty serious consequences in the process.

The mental toll of a TBI

It is no secret that the brain controls the rest of the body, but we often forget just how an injury can affect the body. Paralysis and other physical limitations are common expectations for TBIs, but victims can also suffer considerable mental and emotional consequences.

A TBI can limit the thinking ability of a car accident victim and affect their daily lives. Processing information and critical thinking may suddenly become harder for them, which can inhibit their ability to do well in school. A TBI can also keep a victim from reacting to things quickly or coming up with quick solutions, causing them to perform worse in their job.

These injuries can also change the emotional behaviors of a TBI victim. Someone who was originally outgoing and light-hearted may become introverted and paranoid. Their carefree demeanor may become aggressive toward loved ones, and they may also struggle with memory issues about a number to topics.

Securing compensation for all consequences

When a TBI keeps you from performing your job or pursuing your education, your compensation should accurately reflect those losses. It should also reflect the emotional changes that may likely be permanent. If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI and are experiencing these types of symptoms, allow an experienced personal injury attorney to help you secure the compensation you deserve.

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