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Can an injury get worse after a vehicle collision?

Whether it is a city street, county road or busy highway, Florida drivers often face the possibility of a motor vehicle collision. Numerous factors such as poor weather, distracted drivers or impaired drivers can cause a serious crash resulting in devastating injuries. Unfortunately, many injuries remain hidden in the days or weeks after the accident has occurred.

The body often works on a compensation principle in the sense that an injury to the right leg can be diminished by favoring the left. This often occurs at a subconscious level and could include hidden factors such as internal inflammation, scar tissue and rerouting blood flow. Unfortunately, as the body compensates to correct damage, the injury can remain hidden from a medical diagnosis.

A thorough diagnosis is key

Even after a seemingly minor collision where an individual feels no aftereffects, it is crucial that all parties seek a thorough medical diagnosis. Additionally, it is imperative that all bumps, bruises and pains be reported to a trusted medical professional. Stiffness around the shoulders, ringing in the ears and neck might seem like a minor inconvenience, but this could signal a severe cervical sprain. Further, many brain injuries leave no visible indicators. Certain trauma is caused when the brain strikes the hard surface of the cranium. These injuries could lead to personality changes and cognitive impairment hidden from the victim himself or herself.

While there are several different types of catastrophic injuries like traumatic brain damage, amputation or paralysis, there are other injuries that could be less obvious. Often, serious injuries lack a visual indicator but that does not lessen their severity. Unfortunately, many injuries caused by a motor vehicle collision can get worse in the days or weeks following the crash and the initial medical diagnosis could miss them entirely. If you notice injuries getting worse or new injuries become apparent in the days after a collision, it is crucial that you quickly discuss these matters with a medical professional. Do not assume they are unrelated to the crash and simply ignore them.

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