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I cannot work because of injuries from a car accident. What are my legal options?

The effect of a car accident often extends beyond the immediate crisis. Those who are injured due to another driver’s reckless or careless driving may not even feel the full effect of the accident until the days and weeks after officers clear the scene. These effects can include injuries that at first seemed minor but escalate after the shock of the accident wears off to missed time at work.

What should I do if the accident caused injuries that make it difficult or impossible to go to work?

This is an issue for anyone, in any job, but can become even more problematic for those in careers with high physical demands like construction workers and manufacturing jobs. A broken arm, leg, back injury, or serious concussion can make it impossible to go to work. This can mean the accident also causes a loss of income.

Thankfully, anyone in this situation has options. Legal remedies are available and generally include one of two options:

  • Insurance claims
  • Civil lawsuit

We get car insurance to help cover the costs associated with an accident. Ideally, the responsible driver will have insurance coverage that will pay your claim and help make up for lost wages. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It is not uncommon to have to fight for insurance companies to pay the funds required within the policy.

Another option, sometimes used in conjunction with the first, is a civil lawsuit. This provides the opportunity for the victims of the car accident to hold the driver directly accountable for their actions. If successful, the court will order the other driver to cover the costs, which can include lost wages.

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