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Can I get a traumatic brain injury from an airbag deployment?

Car airbags save lives. There is no disputing that. However, the explosive nature of airbag deployment means that you can suffer a concussion and sometimes even a traumatic brain injury (TBI) even from a minor accident. Here’s what you should know.

Airbags and their drawbacks

Again, without an airbag, your injuries could be far more severe, or you could be killed. But airbags deploy with incredible force, the equivalent of 200 miles per hour, which can cause a concussion or TBI either through the impact of the airbag or the resulting jarring after the airbag deploys. Much of this depends on your size and how you are sitting at the time of impact.

Is it a concussion or a TBI?

As complex as the brain is, diagnosing a concussion or TBI can be a guessing game early on. Sometimes symptoms don’t appear for days or even weeks.

Concussions, the less serious of the two, are easier to diagnose on the spot but are nevertheless quite dangerous, especially if you have had more than one. And while a TBI may be diagnosed early, the severity of the injury may unfold and evolve over time, often with permanent damage.

What caused the injury?

When it comes time to seek compensation for the crash, there will be detailed discussions about how, in precise detail, the injury occurred. For example, if the crash happened at low speed, a head injury is probably caused by the airbag. At high speed, the cause could be a number of things.

How and where do I seek compensation?

As with many facets of the law, the answer is “it depends.” In most cases, you will direct your suit at the other driver.

However, if you believe your injuries are the result of a defective or malfunctioned airbag, you will file a product liability claim with the manufacturer. Examples include deploying at the wrong time, deploying with too much force or not enough, or a misfire that results in burns.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, consult an attorney to determine if you are eligible for compensation and who is most at fault for your injuries.

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