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Negligent security can lead to horrible assaults on the public

For property owners, the safety and protection of all guests and visitors on their premises should always be among their top priorities. Whether they own a hotel, apartment complexes, office building, retail building, parking ramp or parking lot, property owners must have secure plans in place.

Well-thought-out and coordinated plans that address security standards are necessary. In doing so, these property owners may prevent assaults from occurring. But that does not always happen.

Poor lighting, poorly trained staff

Sometimes, those plans may not even get off the ground due to negligence on the part of the property owners who cut corners on expenses or are just plain sloppy.

Among the contributing factors that may lead to negligent security include:

  • Scarce lighting: Dimly lit hallways, stairwells, parking lots and ramps provide the necessary cover for criminals seeking to attack, rob and assault victims. Property owners must regularly inspect light bulbs and tube lights, making sure they function.
  • Lack of or non-working security cameras: Security cameras have become omnipresent at businesses, properties and residences. But these devices should function properly and have regular maintenance. Cameras are necessary for security staff to monitor the happenings at a property.
  • Poorly trained security or lack of security staff: Consider a 2021 incident in Florida. An assailant entered the hotel room of a tourist, dragged her to a hallway elevator and beat, strangled and raped her. The victim in July received a $16 million settlement from the hotel owner and security company. Lax security and the failure of hotel staff to intervene were cited.
  • Unsecure doors and windows: A little prying may open a window and a good swift kick may open a door. Or, in some cases, unlocked doors and windows await criminals for easy entrance into hotel rooms, office buildings and apartments.

Sadly, these issues may drastically alter the lives of an assault victim and their families.

Holding property owners accountable

Frightening incidents may occur due to negligent security. If an assault occurs in which someone has sustained severe and even permanent injuries, property owners must be held accountable.

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