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How common is distracted driving among truck drivers?

It was a crash that set off a chain reaction collision, leaving four people injured and four different vehicles damaged. The likely cause of the May incident on a North Fort Myers roadway? A distracted driver of a large truck.

When interviewed by authorities, the truck driver stated that he had fumbled and dropped paperwork inside the truck’s cab. In doing so, he could not stop in time to avoid a collision with a stopped SUV.

Study: 71% of large truck crashes attributed to distraction

The crash in Florida led to critical injuries for the SUV’s two occupants. That vehicle then collided with another SUV, resulting in the injury of that driver. The incident ended when the two SUVs collided with another large truck, whose driver sustained minor injuries.

Just how common is distracted driving among drivers of those colossal 18-wheelers?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration cited a 2009 study that disclosed 71% of large truck crashes happened when the truck driver did other things besides driving the truck.

Distractions inside and outside the cab

How are these truck drivers distracted? Those distractions occur from inside and outside the cab. They may include:

  • Dialing cell phones
  • Texting
  • Operating dispatch devices
  • Eating
  • Reading
  • Adjusting the radio
  • Gazing at a passing building, billboard or person

Distracted driving continues to be an anathema on America’s roadways and can be especially dangerous when involving a large truck. Car, pickup and SUV drivers must remain on the alert when sharing the road with large trucks.

Distracted driving is negligent driving

The aftermath of a crash involving a large truck is difficult to forget. Smaller vehicles become unrecognizable. Debris scatters throughout the roadway, and serious and fatal injuries are a foregone conclusion. Distracted driving is negligent driving. If injured in such a crash, pursue legal action.

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