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You Deserve The Money You Are Owed From Insurance Companies

Auto and homeowners insurance companies may make many promises to be by your side and make your life whole again, but they do not always follow up on these promises. Remember that an insurance company is a business, and they do not make as much money when they pay out the full value of people’s claims.

At Pitkin Law in Naples, we understand the frustration and confusion insurance companies create when they refuse to pay you the full amount of compensation that you deserve. Attorney Jerry Pitkin has the knowledge and experience to fight back against insurance company tactics. He has 30 years of experience handling insurance companies in car accident cases and other matters. Were you injured by an uninsured driver? Find out how we may be able to help you get the money they owe you. Se habla Español.

You Can Trust Our Experience In Florida Bad Faith Insurance Cases

An insurance policy is a contract, and bad faith insurance occurs when an insurance company does not adhere to their end of the contract. By denying, delaying or undervaluing your claim, they are acting in bad faith. There are many tactics that insurance companies use to do this, including:

  • Delays: Sometimes insurance companies delay claims in the hopes that you will get frustrated and give up. Don’t let it get to you; get help today instead.
  • Denials: Was your valid claim denied? This is a common occurrence, but don’t give up. A lawyer may be able to help.
  • Unexpected / unannounced policy changes: Did your insurance company suddenly change your policy in an attempt to get out of paying your claim? This is not allowed.
  • Policy cancellations: Was your policy canceled after you submitted a claim? Speak with us today; we know how to fight back.
  • Nonresponse to a claim: Is your agent or adjuster not answering your calls and emails? This is another stalling tactic insurance companies use to delay and deny claims.
  • Inadequate investigation: Did the insurance company fail or refuse to fully investigate your vehicle accident or examine the damage your property sustained? This tactic is often used to deny or undervalue a valid claim.

If you do not see your issue listed here, please contact us to learn whether we can help you.

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