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Did A Vehicle Accident Change Your Life? Get Experienced Help.

Car accidents can cause a range of problems, from property damage to injuries and wrongful death. You or a family member may need extensive medical treatment and be unable to return to your job. During this tough time, you may be overwhelmed with medical bills and other costs from the accident. It can feel as if you have no good options.

At Pitkin Law, however, we know what to do after vehicle accidents, and we use that knowledge to guide clients through the process of recovering personal injury damages. Depending on the details of your case, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, lost income and medical expenses. In wrongful death cases, you may also recover damages for funeral and burial expenses and the personal loss of a loved one. You can speak with us to learn more about the options you have. Consultations are free. Se habla español.

We Handle All Types Of Vehicle Accidents, Including Fatal Accidents

People count on our legal team for caring, knowledgeable representation after an accident in southwest Florida. We can help you and your family with the following:

  • Car and passenger vehicle accidents: Whether you drive a car, pickup truck or SUV, we can represent you and also help you get compensation for property damage to your vehicle.
  • Truck and commercial vehicle accidents: These accidents often cause catastrophic or fatal injuries. You need an experienced firm on your side.
  • Motorcycle accidents and injuries: Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and broken bones are common in these accidents. The injured person may need long-term medical care and considerable compensation.
  • Serious injuries to pedestrians: It doesn’t take much to be severely injured if you are hit by a vehicle. Talk to us about recovering appropriate damages.

In addition, we can answer all your questions, including:

These types of insurance issues are especially important in Florida, where many people drive without auto insurance.

Quality Medical Care Is Critical To Your Recovery

Do you need help finding good medical care after an accident? We can refer you to local medical professionals such as orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors and neurosurgeons who have experience with vehicle accident injuries. We have a network of knowledgeable, caring doctors who offer the medical care you need.

Let’s Get Started Today

The sooner we begin, the sooner you can start to get your life back. To set up your free consultation, please call us in Naples at 239-579-6932. You can complete our brief online form if you prefer.