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Who Should I See After An Injury?

After a motor vehicle accident, your health should be your top priority. In order to best protect your health, you want to be sure that the right medical professionals are looking after you. When there are so many doctors to choose from, how can you know who is right for you?

We at Pitkin Law help clients after their motor vehicle accidents in every way we can. One thing we offer that you may not see at other firms is the quality of our professional network. We have curated a trustworthy and responsible medical network over time. That means that every surgeon, orthopedic doctor, chiropractor or anyone else we recommend is someone you can trust to help you.

Do Not Let Medical Professionals Take Advantage Of You

We have seen, far too many times, situations in which medical professionals use your accident as an excuse to order many unnecessary procedures or surgeries in order to line their own pockets. Other doctors may refuse to treat motor vehicle accident injuries with the respect they deserve.

We have spent years in the Naples area getting to know medical professionals who are able to quickly and accurately identify your condition and provide you with the treatment you require, and also give you the full documentation that you need for your injury claim.

As a victim of a motor vehicle accident, you likely do not have the time to research which doctor you should see, so you may just take a guess and hope they are right for you. Let us help you remove the guesswork by telling you who you can trust to help you in your area.

See How Else We Can Help You

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