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Experienced Representation After Security Negligence

Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that their property has proper security. When these owners fail to meet this responsibility, it can cause guests to suffer significant personal injuries through assault or other crime. After an injury resulting from security negligence, you deserve an attorney who can help you secure the best possible outcome in your injury claim.

Here at Pitkin Law in Florida, we have dedicated ourselves to protecting our clients. If you were the victim of an attack that security should have prevented, we can help hold the security provider responsible for the consequences of the attack.

How Security Shortcomings Can Hurt You

A property owner needs to ensure that their property is safe for their guests. For example, adequate security for a property such as a parking ramp or an apartment complex should include:

  • Adequate lighting
  • Secure locks and gates
  • Functioning security cameras
  • Vigilant security guards

When a property lacks some or all of these features, it allows criminals an opportunity to attack victims. If you are the victim of such an attack, the property owner may be legally accountable for the consequences of your attack.

Let Us Fight On Your Behalf

If you believe you have suffered injuries as a result of negligent security, contact us today. We can fight to secure your best possible outcome while you focus on recovering from your injuries. Contact our Naples office by calling us at 239-579-6932 or emailing us here to schedule your initial consultation today.