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Property Damage To Your Vehicle May Lower Its Value

At Pitkin Law, we recognize that for many people, when they lose their car, they lose their livelihood. You may be in this situation after a car accident and find yourself unable to get to work and to take care of your family. Many law firms do not help people with this issue, but we do.

Did a vehicle accident leave your car damaged or totaled? You may not get the compensation you need from your insurance company, but our lawyer and legal staff may be able to help. Tell us about your accident in a free consultation today to see if our firm can assist you.

We Understand That Your Vehicle May Be Your Life

You likely need your car for essential, everyday things such as:

  • Getting to work so you don’t lose your job
  • Running errands and driving your children to school
  • Going to medical appointments and the pharmacy

Without a vehicle, how will you and your family be able to get through each day? You need a solution as quickly as possible. That’s why we help people through these matters.

Do You Have A Diminished Value Case?

When minor damage to your vehicle reduces its worth, you have a case of diminished value. Even if the car is repaired, it no longer has the value it did before the accident. This is a problem because you may not be able to buy a new car now that your car’s value is lower. It is even more problematic if you are still making payments on your car.

In some states, including Florida, you may be able to recover the amount of the diminished value, but you will likely need legal help to do so. Our legal team has considerable experience with these matters, and we’re happy to discuss your case.

Was your vehicle totaled? We can also help with these cases.

We Understand Your Needs

Speak with an attorney who cares about your well-being and works hard to help you out of a bad situation. Your consultation is free so please call our Naples office at 239-579-6932 or fill out our intake form. Se habla Español.